Axillary Hyperhydrosis
(Excessive Sweating)

Sweating is an important body function used to help in temperature control, but excessive sweating can significantly reduce quality of life. People with hyperhydrosis do not have more sweat glands than those without this condition. The condition is triggered by the sympathetic nervous system. Our method of choice is Fractioned Microneedling.

Fractionated Microneedling
With Radio Frequency

Thanks to this minimally invasive, conservative procedure, embarrassing sweat marks on your shirt become a thing of the past. Its thermal potential is effective in permanently reducing the sweat glands.

The RFTT has been technically and medically approved for the German market since Spring 2013. It is particularly suitable for the treatment of axillary hyperhydrosis.

This procedure will target and decrease the size of your sweat glands; however, the sweat glands are still present and as a result you will still sweat a little, but it is significantly reduced, following the treatment.

This no-recovery procedure involves local anaesthesia cream on the axillary region, followed by a 20-minute procedure.

Treatment Reactions

Approximately 30 percent of patients notice a reduction of hair growth in the axillary region following the RF micro-needling treatment.

Most patients feel relieved by the disappearance of the unpleasant smell (osmidrosis), since the apocrine sweat glands are also destroyed.

Possible side effects such as temporary redness, tenderness, swelling and punctiform crusting subside after a short time.

Usually there is no bruising and freedom of movement is not impaired.

The Outcome

The results speak for themselves. Sweating is reduced by about 50 percent after just one session. Depending on the severity of the hyperhydrosis, most people need two to three sessions every four weeks. Overall, the results of the studies indicate a gratifyingly high level of patient satisfaction.

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