The anti-aging revolution – a fresh and youthful look that doesn’t have to be a dream or something only celebs have.
Despite intensive facial skin care and the use of high-quality anti-aging products, you are not completely satisfied with the way your complexion looks?
HydraFacialMD® helps you to renew your skin and, thanks to its antioxidant protection, not only improves the skin but also gives it a very fresh and youthful appearance. Hydrafacial combines skin ablation, deep cleansing and dermal infusion of antioxidants and vitamins with cold light and lymphatic drainage on one platform.

Conditions I'd Like To Improve


Reduced wrinkles, firmer more elastic skin, even skin tone and texture, clear vibrant skin. Younger looking appearance.


The effective skin resurfacing is carried out in four steps and is a treatment that rejuvenates your skin and ensures that the microdermabrasion treatment processes build on one another to ensure that your skin is clean and fresh. The four steps of the treatment in the new anti-aging technology HydraFacialMD® consist of the removal of dead skin cells, an acid peeling to remove blackheads and blemishes, the deep pore cleansing and the infiltration of antioxidants via the innovative Vortex attachment. The procedure for skin renewal and improvement of the skin is painless and does not require any surgical intervention, effectively combats wrinkles and sagging skin and makes blackheads and blemishes disappear. You can choose your treatment in the beauty practice medisthetics in the hydradermabrasion procedure and help your skin to look young and fresh.


150€/ treatment.

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HydraFacial ™ is suitable for all skin types and can help with the following conditions

  • Elasticity & tightness
  • Luminosity of the complexion
  • Uniformity of the skin structure
  • Hyperpigmentation / sun damage
  • Oily / clogged skin
  • Enlarged pores
  • Advanced signs of aging on the skin


  • Skin rejuvenation (reduction of fine lines, medium-deep wrinkles)
  • Improve elasticity & firmness
  • Deep hydration of the skin
  • Reduction of hyperpigmentation and sun damage
  • Refinement of the complexion
  • Reduction of acne and acne scars
  • Improvement in lymph flow
  • Radiant, smooth and beautiful skin


  • With severe skin infections (e.g. fresh herpes infections) in the treatment area
  • For larger wounds and / or severe skin irritation in the treatment area (e.g. sunburn, after laser treatment)
  • Immediately after aesthetic operations or other surgical interventions in the treatment area
You can do a HydraFacial treatment whenever you feel the need to do so. Ideally every 4-6 weeks. HydraFacial can also be combined with other facial treatments. Please ask our staff for the best recommendation for your skin type and condition.
The basis of a wrinkle-free and fresh-looking face is skin that is well supplied with blood and free of old dead skin flakes and irregularities. The Los Angeles-based HydraFacial treatment has proven itself to be convincing and has long since established itself in the beauty regime of stars and celebrities worldwide. You can choose your personal anti-aging program with the latest Vorex technology and achieve maximum skin improvement through skin ablation, deep cleansing and dermal infusion in a painless treatment. Dermal fusion serves the rich nourishment of your skin with valuable antioxidants, which help cell renewal and ensures immediately noticeable skin renewal. Vitamins and natural hyaluronic acid also play a primary role in the HydraFacialMD®. The complete skin renewal program is based on cold light and lymphatic drainage treatment, which optimizes the treated skin areas and frees them from visible spots or bumps.

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