Double Chin

A double chin is often associated with being overweight or obese but that isn’t necessarily always the case. A double chin is usually caused by an extra layer of fat underneath the chin area, but it can also be age related due to extra or saggy skin. Genetics also plays a role. While weight loss can help to improve a double chin if it is weight related, there are also other treatment options that could help improve the appearance of a double chin.

Treatment Options


HIFU stimulates the collagen production by sending ultrasound energy to the different skin layers. During the healing process, new collagen fibres increase, thus making the skin look younger and fresher on a natural basis. This gives the skin a natural face lift and improves the way a double chin looks. After just one treatment the skin will already show an improvement and the results will continue to improve over time, as new collagen is generated. In certain cases, the treatment can be repeated after 4-8 weeks and the results should last up to 12 to 18 months


This treatment option involved injections of carbon dioxide gas under the surface of the skin into the fat cells. The carbon dioxide is toxic to fat cells and as a result causes them to undergo cell death, reducing the volume of fat in that area. This treatment option is relatively painless. 

We use the tiniest of needles to inject the carbon dioxide into the fat cells. Usually eight to 10 sessions over the course of eight to 10 weeks is needed for optimal results, although this really depends on the severity of the double chin.

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