Sun damaged Skin

Elastose is a skin change (thickening, wrinkling) triggered by the action of UV radiation and ionizing radiation. It occurs, for example, after recurring frequent sunburns as keratosis seinilis in areas exposed to the sun.

Treatment Choices

Fractional Laser

Sun-damaged (elastosis) repairs itself if it is treated with the Fraxis Fractional CO2 laser: thanks to the new collagen formation. Anyone who has exposed their skin to the sun for many years will eventually experience pigment disorders.

Brown age spots and white spots are the typical symptoms for light damage. Although they are mostly harmless, they tend to be unattractive. With this particularly gentle laser method, the finest micro-wounds are placed in the skin at a relatively high temperature, which heal quickly and are then no longer recognizable, thus improving skin rejuvenation.

The skin looks fresher and more even, which has the added benefit of looking more youthful. When used over a large area, the scar-free treatment takes around 30-90 minutes to perform. After just one session you can already see an amazing improvement and rejuvenation of the skin. New collagen continues to form in the following months.

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