Facelifting by Endermolift

A natural anti-aging concept You dream of having a radiant complexion and youthful, fresh and wrinkle-free looking skin? Then the facelift by Endermolift is just right for you. This facelift is a procedure in which the body’s own cell stimulation works, thus improving collagen production by 240 percent. This natural facelift proves to be deep-acting- toning your skin and leaving you looking younger and fresher and more relaxed

Conditions For Treatment


Younger, fresher looking skin. Fabulous treatment before an event.


This non-invasive procedure relies on micro-strokes exerted on the skin surface. Through this gentle massage, skin cells are effectively stimulated during the facelift and are encouraged to produce more collagen and elastin. This relaxing treatment is painless and there are no negative side effects.



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The LPG facelift is a mechanical stimulation, in which you do not have to put up with any pain or expect a swelling of your face after the treatment. The cell metabolism is effectively activated and your fibroblasts form new collagen, as well as elastin.Both substances promote the firmness and resilience of your skin, and new collagen fibers form, making the overall appearance of your skin surface look much smoother, more harmonious and younger after this natural face lift.
This is entirely up to you. Ideally you should come once a month.
None. The goals of this treatment are to create a radiant complexion, reduce visible wrinkles and to tone the skin. Thanks to activating the microcirculation in the facial area, the tissue will be better supplied with blood and oxygen and as a result, you will be amazed by the natural freshness and radiant glow that your skin gives off without swelling, or changing your facial expressions. This face lift encourages collagen formation which also leaves the skin looking younger and fresher.

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