Would you like to remove excessive fatty tissue on certain body parts without having to go in for surgery? Cryolipolysis is a method that can help reduce fat deposits in circumscribed areas of the body which has not been achieved by dietary measures or exercise. Superfluous fat is specifically treated with cold to reduce the thickness of the subcutaneous fat layer, thus helping you shed unwanted body fat, reducing your clothing size and intending to reshape the contours of your body.
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Fatty tissue is drawn in between two cooling panels via an applicator which is cooled to -4, -5 degrees C. Due to the cooling of the fat cells, these fat cells die off and are broken down by the body over the course of approximately 3-5 months.


Reduction of fatty tissue at the site treated by about 10-25%


Depending on the zones treated, costs range anywhere from 100-250€ (1-4 Zones. Please note that each applicator head is considered 1 Zone. Hips or thighs are considered 2 zones – 1 Zone per side)



The cryolipolysis process is based on a tissue cooling technology that eliminates fat cells without damaging the skin and surrounding tissue. It is based on the observation that fat cells are more sensitive to cold than other types of tissue. Skin, organs, nerves and muscles are not affected via this process.

You sit back and relax while listening to music, watching videos or even taking a nap, while the applicators draw in fatty tissue between two cooling panels via a gentle vacuum sensation. The applicator then cools in a targeted area through the skin surface. As a result of the cooling, the fat cells die off and are broken down by the body. The process in and of itself is painless.

The technique of cryolipolysis is based on the targeted, temporary cooling of the affected body area such as the stomach or buttocks area to below 4-5 ° C. The cold affects the subcutaneous fatty tissue causing them to die off, while protecting the skin, nerves and muscles. This process is not one that happens overnight. A difference will be seen after about 4-6 weeks, although the full effect can only be seen after about 3 months. Cryolipolyse treatment can be repeated after approximately 4-6 weeks until the desired effect has been obtained.

According to current knowledge, the removal of fat cells is permanent. However, remaining, intact fat cells store fat again on renewed, general weight gain, so that an increase in the fat cell mass is also possible in the treated area.

The effect is limited to the treated area of ​​the body, therefore, cryolipolysis is by no means a method of treating a general obesity. The cryolipolysis procedure is not for weight loss and is not suitable for overweight people. It is used to reduce local, not too large fat deposits on problem areas of healthy people. How much fat is lost as a result of an application cannot be predicted with certainty. The results of the treatment vary from person to person.

For a successful result, we recommend at least two to three sessions at intervals of 4 to 6 weeks on the same body area. A third treatment can significantly intensify the result. Some patients may need more or less than the recommended 3 sessions.
Anything that supports the metabolism is a great advantage to this treatment such as working out (going for walks around the block, working out in a gym, going to a dance class etc), drinking adequate amounts of water throughout the day (30ml/kg body weight) and reducing your carbohydrate intake during the day, especially sugar consumption and refined carbohydrates.

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