Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are a visible phenomenon in the subcutis, which are caused by strong stretching of the tissue, usually due to pregnancy or drastic weight loss/gain. In medical terminology, the stretch marks on the skin are referred to as striae cutis atrophicae or striae cutis distensae (from the Latin striae = stripe, cutis = skin, atrophicae = atrophic, distensae = overstretched). In the context of pregnancy, the appearance of stretch marks is physiological; they are called stretch marks (striae gravidarum). The lines appear red or purple at first because the blood vessels beneath the dermis show through. The marks eventually fade to a white or silvery colour once the blood vessels have contracted. There a various treatment offers to help reduce the appearance of stress marks.

Treatment Options


Microneedling helps to naturally restore damaged skin due to it helping to trigger cell repair and collagen production. Microneedling is minimally invasive and thanks to an anaesthetic cream, painless.


The general skin reaction to the insufflation of Carbon dioxide gas on scars can be seen particularly clearly in the area of ​​stretch marks. The pitted skin cracks become narrower and less noticeable. The very thin skin in the area of ​​the pitted cracks can become stronger and more stable again after several treatments. At least four sessions every two to four weeks are recommended. You will notice the first results after about four weeks.

Fractional Laser

This treatment works by targeting both the epidermis (uppermost skin layer) and dermis(mid-skin-layer). Old or damaged skin cells are removed and as a result, the scaring starts to fade and is hardly noticeable after a few treatments.

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